Archive-JANUARY 2014

1-The effect of country of brand and country of manufacture on brand loyalty and purchase intention

Zohreh Dehdashti shahrokh1 , Arman Deilami Azodi2* ,Elham Vahidinia 3

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 2- Risks clustering in environmental projects (Case study: manufacturing companies)

Asadallah Najafi1, Alireza Vafaeyan2

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 3- Study of the Effect of Collaboration between Organizational Units on Organizational Effectiveness

 (Case Study: Marketing and Purchasing Units of Electrical Parts Manufacturing Companies in the Industrial Parks of Khorasan Razavi Province)

Aliakbar Jowkar (PhD)1 , Samaneh Kamalifar 2

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4- Developing a DSS for HR Productivity  

 Asadallah Najafi1 ,Alireza Vafaeyan2 Abbas Afrazeh 3

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5- Impact of Entrepreneurship on Organizational Performance According To the Age and Size of Manufacturing and Trading Firms in Guilan Province

Mohammad Reza Mahmoodieh1 * Yaser Rahimian2, Fatemeh Asgarian2

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6- Conceptual model of OCB the senior managers of universities based on teachings Nahjolbalagheh

 Jamshidi, A.,1 mohamadkhani, K.,2 Navehebrahim, A.3

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