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1-Studying Tendency among Tehran Pre University Students towards immigration

Dr. Kewmars Fallahi1

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 2-Evaluating the Impact of Business Process Reengineering on the Performance of Regional Electric Company of Mazandaran Province

Ali Sorayaei1, Naser Yadollah Zadeh Tabari2, Fatemeh Najjari Andebili3

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 3-The promotion of the behavioral outputs of employees in an empowerment frame 

Mohammad Reza Azadehdel 1, Farzin Farahbod 2,Shahrzad Jeddi 3*

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4- The study of the the effects of customer loyalty strategies on sale improvement of Company (Case study: Kayla’s Company)

Rasoul Aghadavoud1, Zahra Askari2 ,Sayyed Mohammad Reza Davoodi3*

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5- Comparison and ranking between the factors of effect on customers using of electronic banking services in governmental and private banks of Kermanshah with using Pikkarainen Model(Case study: Sepah, Maskan, Ansar and Saman)

*Peyman Akbari1, Ahmad Miranshahi2 , Younes Abasi3

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6- Rural Tourism Development Zone Khalkhal, In line with employment and entrepreneurship, regional development

Masood Safari Aliakbari

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7-Internal efficiency of practical projects of  technical and vocational training centers in khouzestan province

Faranak Omidian1,  Lila Zaraee2, Mohamad  Khaledian3,*

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