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Archive-April 2014

1- The Analysis of the Factors Affecting Iranian Customers' Satisfaction in Traditional andInternet Banking- Case Study: Saman Bank
Hamed Heidari1*, Morteza Mousakhani2, Hassan Rashidi3
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2- Study of Short term and Long term Relationship between Change Variables in Stock prices and Stock Transactions Volume in Tehran Stock Exchange
Mohammad Reza Ola1 , Mahdie Taghipur*2
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 3- Consequences of government decisions in relationship to deficits and surpluses of budget and money volume on the stock price index of Tehran Stock Exchange
Atefeh Alaei1*, Yousef Ahadi Serakani2
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4- Evaluation of the performance and ranking of Iran Insurance Company in Mazandaran By using combined model BSC and DEA
A.Sorayaei1 , A. Kiapour2* , K. Kiapour3
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5- Role of Regional sport tourism event of the thriving small and medium businesses: A Case Study in Khorasan Bachukhe Wrestling
 Behnaz Durandish1Sayyed Jafar Moosavi*2
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6- Considering the Effect of Costs Stickiness on Corporate Governance Quality
Mohammad Reza Ola1 , Zeynab Ghavidel2
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7- The Role of Culture Components in Growth and Economic Development Process of Countries
Mojtaba Ghiasi*
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8- Influential factors in selecting dairy products companies’ foreign market
Ali sorayaei1, Elhamzarei2*
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9- The relationship between liquidity and stock returns and systematic risk of stock market investment companies on the Stock Exchange
Ali Sorayaei1 ,Ali Nabavi Chameshi2, Ahmad Babanejad 3, Zahra Atf 4
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10- A Comparative Study of (Information and Communication Technology)ICT Development Strategies in national Policy and Teacher Training InIndia and Japan
Ataollah Ganji1, Mohamad Khaledian2*, Roza Habibi3
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11- The impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on villagers’ satisfaction with the quality of life
Mohsen Imamverdi *1, Hanieh Mohsenzadeh 2, Mohammadreza Valizadegan 3, Kamal Bagherzade Hushmandi 4
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