4 – Investigating the Effects of Subjective Norms, Social Identity and Group Norms on User Participation Intention in Online Community and E-purchasing

Hossein Vazifehdoot1, Toktam Vafania*2 - 8994

International Journal of Scientific Management and Development, September 2017, Vol. 5, No. 9, pp: 437-443

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With the advance of the Internet and applying information and communication technologies in the field of marketing and group interaction, a new door has been opened to commerce. In this new world for marketers to take every opportunity that is given to users, even a few seconds during the day, then put on In the case of online communities and allows the audience to provide access to a large volume of users at a time, very little focus has been Marketers. In this regard, much research has been done. But the important point is that the lack of consideration of social factors and issues of collective identity, this research is quite evidentPurpose : This study intends to check the influence of subjective values, social identity and group norms on intention to participate in online communities and internet shopping to pay and helped marketers in making decisions about digital and internet environmentsDesign: This is a survey – analytical study because determines the relationship between variables and it is a prescriptive and practical study. Sample consists of all students in Ferdousi  university.T-test for hypotheses has been used and Friedman test for average ratings and Cronbachs alpha for the validity and reliability of the dataFinding: The results are shown with 95% confidence subjective norms impacts on the Internet and online shopping intention and group norms not effect on intention to use the Internet and online shopping. social identity impacts on the Internet and online shopping intention.

Key words: Online community, Subjective norms, Social identity, Group norms, User participation intention

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