8 – Evaluating the Effect of Marketing Innovation on Green Marketing Strategies(Case Study: Isfahan Mobarakeh Steel Co.)

Seyyed Mohsen Allameh1, Saeed Landaran Esfahani2, Mahdi Nikbakht*3 - 9321                                                                                               

International Journal of Scientific Management and Development, September 2017, Vol. 5, No. 9, pp: 464-473

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Abstract :

The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of innovation on green marketing strategies in Isfahan Mobarakeh Steel Co. This research is descriptive-survey study and with practical nature and in terms of time, it is cross-sectional. In this study, the effect of marketing innovation on cooperation and team building (first and second hypotheses), the effect of cooperation on adaptation strategies, ethical behavior, modeling and environmental commitment (third to sixth research hypotheses) and the effect of team building on the adaptation strategies, ethical behavior, modeling and environmental commitment (hypothesis seventh to tenth research) are investigated. The statistical population includes all managers and employees in the sales department of Isfahan Mobarakeh Steel Company, all of which (n = 68) are selected as sample. Measuring tool is a researcher-made questionnaire. To measure the validity of the questionnaire, content method is used and Cronbach's alpha is used to determine the reliability of the questionnaire. Cronbach's alpha is estimated equal to 0.84. Kolmogorov-Smirnov test is used for normality of the data and path analysis and structural equation modeling are used to analyze data. SPSS software is used to analyze demographic analysis and in inferential statistics, AMOS software is used to analyze data. The results show that marketing innovation affects the cooperation and teams building and also, cooperation is effective on ethical behavior strategies and environmental commitment and team building is effective on adaption strategies, modeling and environmental commitment. Finally, it is found that marketing innovation with effect coefficient of 0.52 has the most effect on cooperation and team building with effect coefficient of 0.27 has the least effect on adaption strategies.

Key Words: Green Marketing Strategy, Marketing Innovation, Adaption, Ethical Behavior, Modeling, Environmental Commitment

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