7 – Investigating the Effect of Attitude of Destination on Satisfaction and Behavioral Targets in Health Tourism(Case Study: Hamedan Salt Pool)

Majid Nouri Doshmanloo*1 - 9204                                                                                                                                                                     

International Journal of Scientific Management and Development, September 2017, Vol. 5, No. 9, pp: 457-463

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Abstract :

Today, tourism is described as a driving force for regional development. Successful tourism can increase government revenue, employment, and incomes of destination tourists. How to attract the tourist to revisit the destination or recommend the destination to others is very important for the development of successful tourism. Tourism is considered as an attractive and alternative industry, in particular, health tourism, which is related to the spirit of tourists. Since tourists are looking to relieve their stress and relaxation from everyday tasks, the selection of right environment is in their priority. Since the mental image of the destination for tourism is a factor that many tourists consider when choosing a destination and this mental image is of great importance to the satisfaction and behavioral intentions of health tourists, the present study aimed to investigate the effect of the destination image on satisfaction and behavioral intentions of health tourists in Hamadan and Hamadan Salt Pool.  The methodology of this study is descriptive- explanatory. The statistical population of the present study is tourists from Hamadan and Hamadan salt pool in April and May of 2016. Among tourists, 384 people are selected by simple random sampling method. Data collection tool is a questionnaire and SPSS18 and AMOS18 software are used to analyze the collected data. In this research, the positive relationship between the destination image and the travel quality and perceived value, travel quality and perceived value and satisfaction, perceived value and satisfaction and behavioral intentions, and satisfaction with behavioral intentions are shown. Creating a good destination image will satisfy the health tourists, and then will lead to the positive behavioral intentions that increase future visits and offer destinations. Therefore, it is suggested that positive behavioral responses should be considered for the managers of a tourism area as the most important achievement and result of all activities and actions taken by the tourism chain.

Key Words: Destination Image, Satisfaction, Behavioral Intentions, Health Tourism

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