4 – Effectiveness of knowledge management to improve individual (independent) entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial group

Ehsan Shamlou Mahmoudi *1- 5781

International Journal of Scientific Management and Development 2015, Vol. 3, No. 7: 463-470

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In view of the importance of entrepreneurship and strategic management in relation to the activities carried out In order to upgrade and improve how best this issue by entrepreneurs and decision-makers , Including proposals to create a new space management, entrepreneurship , Find ways to help them be most welcome and satisfaction of entrepreneurs and users of the institution to obtain the necessary One of the issues faced today with a special focus on the decision management knowledge management and entrepreneurship. The study aimed to identify the effectiveness of knowledge management to improve individual and group entrepreneurial began. Methods This study is a description of the type of effect . Questionnaire in order to identify the relationship between the right tools to achieve this goal. The population of this research entrepreneurs working in the area of a municipality make up the city of Tehran . Cochran formula with the help of 158 of them were selected for the sample group . Also, due to the importance of the position of the effectiveness of management knowledge among entrepreneurs with regard to educational level and gender were studied as a control variable. Questionnaire that was approved by experts and professors of management sciences , as an appropriate tool to evaluate the variables studied were applied . Validity and reliability test, factor analysis and reliability testing of all components using Cronbach's alpha was calculated and verified. The results , using computer packages spss as follows : The results of these tests showed samples of test 6 is saturated . The use of technology issues , implementation issues of leadership, using the concept of corporate culture , employing the concept of human resources , implementation mechanisms and process issues , deployment issues of organizational structure . In relation to the variables of the study , after statistical calculations and statistics Manova 99 % confidence level a significant impact on improving the entrepreneurial 6 individual and group knowledge management component was approved .

Keywords: knowledge management- individual entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial group

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