6 – Effect of brand identity in the formation of brand equity capital in the dairy industry

Fahime Khosravi1, Ahmad Nategh Golestan*2– 5241

International Journal of Scientific Management and Development 2015, Vol. 3, No. 6: 475-478

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Methods currently used in the field and collect information from the questionnaire. The main objective of the present study was to evaluate the effect of brand loyalty and brand identity development particularly in the food industry (dairy homeland). In this study there is a homeland (the company produces dairy products and beverages homeland), which are known it is in Iran. Was selected for the study. In this way, all the consumer products homeland as the research and sample population of 150 people, were considered. To analyze the data and confirm the Pearson correlation and linear regression method is used. Based on the results, a positive impact on the perceived value of the brand identity. Brand and consumer confidence and trust are also a direct impact on brand loyalty and ultimately brand loyalty positive direct impact on brand equity. In the studied variables, changing identity and brand satisfaction and brand loyalty of had the greatest impact. Based on the findings, the impact of brand identity on both the concept of brand loyalty and brand equity in the food industry was confirmed.

Keywords: brand identity, brand equity capital, dairy products.

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