1 – Investigate the Effectiveness Television Advertising on Attract Customers Based on Model AIDA

(Case Study: Karafarin Bank)

Ali Sorayaei*1, Mehran Alijantabar2 - 504

International Journal of Scientific Management and Development 2015, Vol. 3, No. 6: 390-393

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Today, the influence of advertising is undeniable in survival and growth of organizations in today’s turbulent and competitive environment. In between types of tools and advertising media TV is the media that can cover many people in the value creation through waves of different networks. So this advertising media has a strong influence in creating new ideas between family members.  The present study examines the effectiveness of TV advertising to attract customers on the basis of the AIDA model (Case Study: Karafarin Bank) this study is a descriptive-survey.  Statistical universe involved 150 clients of karfarin bank that were selected based on simple random sampling method as the sample size. The research instrument was researcher-made questionnaire. The reliability was calculated through Alpha-Cronbach coefficient (=0.887). To determine the validity of instruments face validity and content-related validity were used.  To analyze data, first normal distribution of data was evaluated by using the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test and then significance of hypotheses was evaluated using T test.  The results showed that television advertising for Karafarin bank is effective in attracting customers.  Also, television advertising for Karafarin bank has a positive effect on customer’s awareness, customer's interest in use of services, feel free to use the bank's customer services and customer attempted to use the services of the bank.

Key words: television advertising, to attract customers, the AIDA model, Karafarin Bank of Mazandaran province

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