5 – Evaluation and Prioritizing Financial Factors Affecting Price Index in the Stock Market Using Fuzzy TODIM Method

Jamal Rahmani1, Kamal Ramoushjan*2, Alireza Arshadikhamseh3, Tayybeh Hatamimanesh4- 483

International Journal of Scientific Management and Development 2015, Vol. 3, No. 6: 414-423

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Companies’ dynamism and success depend upon assessing, counter posing, and identifying the pros and cons of their performance and it would be useful for managers, policy makers and stock market Investors as well as investors to compare companies operating in different domains of industries, yet the critical issue is to set appropriate criteria, indicators and models to do the rankings . Since there are a variety of companies-ranking criteria in the stock market which affect and take effect, it is essential to make use of multi-indexes decision models to set priorities. Environment uncertainty is an important factor challenging decision-making which could severely confuse investors. No integrative, inclusive conceptual algorithm has so far been introduces to lessen this uncertainty. Taking this approach, In this paper try to apply the integrative approach as well as fuzzy theories and independent multi-indexes technique in uncertain conditions (known as TODIM) to identify uncertainty present in assessing criteria that influence price index of the stock market. The TODIM approach has been developed to support MCDA under uncertainty. This research is the first study in the ranking the factors of stock market. At the end. An illustrative example is also presented to show the efficiency of our model.

Keywords: : multi-indexes decisions, fuzzy theories, TODIM, stocks.

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