6 – Identification Efficacy of Functional and Pleasure Attributes of the Product to Experience Customers and Creation of Brand Special Value in the Laptop Market

Atefe Aslahi1 ,Ahmad Nategh Golestan*2- 5258                                                                

International Journal of Scientific Management and Development 2015, Vol. 3, No. 6: 424-428

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In the present research , some guestionnaires are used for field data collection. The main aim of this research is to review the effects of a product  functional and enjoyable characteristics on customers experience and finally its effect on brand special valueBy considering the research topic , a review of the effect of all important factors for a brand value success and customers experiences , is a very difficult and time consuming task , In this research , a lot of different studies and researches are reviewed and from them , many success key factors for brand special value , as functional factors including percieved easy use and enjoyable factors including aesthetics and amusement , are selected as research independent variables and their effect on brand special value and customers experiences are selected asthis research dependent variables After determining and approving  related independent and dependent variables indices by the experts , the provided questionnaires are distributed between statistical sample and then the collected data are analyzed statistically , 366 questionnaires are distributed between laptop brand users who were students . After a review of the relationship between independent and dependent variables , the research hypothesizes are approved . The results show that  , easy use , perceived usefulness , amusement and aesthetics factors have positive and direct effects on customers experience and brand special value.

Keywords: brand , functional characteristics, appreciative characteristics , customers experience , brand special value.

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