8 – Studying Security and its Association with Selection of Housing in Zanjan city Deteriorated Areas

Ahmad Asadi*1, Bahman Abdi2, Hasan Milani Bonab3- 5488

International Journal of Scientific Management and Development 2015, Vol. 3, No. 6: 433-437

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Now day more than 50% of world population are living in cities. High population densities in city centers ended in increase crime rate and decline cities securities. This article studies security and effecting factors on secure planning and designing of cities and relation between security and selection of housing issue. This study is based on descriptive- analytical method and data are provided by observation, preparing necessary maps and questionnaires. Data are analyzed using SPSS software. Our sample includes 365 household which are selected from Zanjan city deteriorated areas. Result indicate that security and its effective designing and planning criteria are about mean which is far away from acceptable standards. Also results show that there is a meaningful relation between security in an area and selection of housing which means as security is high in an area, selection of housing possibility increase there.

Key words: Security, Deteriorated Area, Selection of Housing, Zanjan city  

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