2 - Observing the Relation between Working Life Quality of Staffs and Satisfaction of the Customers in Razi Insurance Co.

Maziar Sharifi Far*1  -  6934

International Journal of Scientific Management and Development, January 2016, Vol. 4, No. 1, pp: 7-13

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The present research observes the relation between working life and satisfaction of customers in Razi insurance company. Statistical population of this research is all staffs and customers of mentioned company.  The sample size of this study is 148 people. Data collection in this study is questionnaire and Cronbach's alpha coefficient was used for its reliability using simple random sampling method and random classification method was distributed. Also in this study, data collection was done through library and field method. The present research is based on the goal of applicable research and also gaining required data through descriptive and correlational researches. To analyze data, the questionnaire in field of inferential statistics, Kolmogorov–Smirnov tests and also structural equation model, available in 20 SPSS, 8 LISREL packages have been used. The gained results indicated that :there is meaningful and direct relation between the quality of working life and the satisfaction of the customers .Also closer inspection indicated that :there is direct and meaningful relation between fair and adequate payment , safe and healthy working environment, opportunities for growth and continuous security, the rule of law on the organization of working, social dependence of working life, the overall atmosphere of life, social integration and the development of human capabilities, so by increasing working life quality, more satisfaction would be gained for the customers

Key words: Quality of working life, satisfaction, customer satisfaction, Razi Insurance.

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