4 – Observing the Effect of Marketing Mix on Brand Equity and Customer Lifetime Value of Falizan Food Producing Company

Maryam Khan Mohammadi*1, Hasan Ghorbani Dinani2 - 6981

International Journal of Scientific Management and Development, January 2016, Vol. 4, No. 1, pp: 19-26

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The present article titled the effect of marketing mix on brand equity and customer lifetime value of Falizan food producing company analysis the effect of marketing elements on brand equity and customer lifetime value. The present research from goal point of view is applied, from implementation point of view is survey and from nature point of view is correlation. The present research statistical population is all consumers of Falizan products in Isfahan that is implemented through simple random sampling method. The validity of the questionnaire is confirmed through factor analysis and content method and the reliability is confirmed with Cronbach's alpha coefficient for marketing mix questionnaire 0.87, for brand equity 0.91 and for customer life time value 0.77. Among 250 distributed questionnaires, 233 questionnaires have returned and analyzed. The collected data analyzed through AMOS and SPSS soft ware , Normality test, confirmatory factor analysis, path analysis, and Friedman analysis of variance along with  P-value. According to the gained results from research main hypothesis (the combination of marketing and brand equity are having meaningful effect on customer life time. Also subsidiary hypothesis are confirmed too, but research fifth subsidiary hypothesis (product is having meaningful effect on customer life time) was rejected. Also indirect effect and total elements of marketing mix on customer life time value was meaningful and confirmed.

Key words: marketing mix, product, cost, promotion, distribution, brand equity, customer life time value.

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