6 - Observing the Effect of Personality Characteristics on the Performance and Effectiveness of Nasooz Gostaran Company Managers

Sirous Korahi Moghadam1, Alireza Maktabipour*2, Mansour Motiee Zade3 - 7072

International Journal of Scientific Management and Development, January 2016, Vol. 4, No. 1, pp: 33-37

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In this paper we seek for a way to allow us to compare strategic plans of organizations hen analyze them. For this purpose, the The main objective of this research is investigating the relationship between the personality features of Nasooz Gostaran managers and their performance and effectiveness. The research methodology is descriptive and correlational and in terms of objective,and also can be seen as one of fundamental researches. We have used the Sambasiwan’s Personality Features Questionnaire, Poploa’s Management Proficiencies and Management Effectiveness questionnaire. In Personality Features Questionnaire, manager’s personality was measured in two dimensions of introversion or extroversion and stability or instability. In order to analyze the findings, we used statistical descriptive methodology such as redundancy, percentage and standard deviation and inferential descriptive methodology such as Pierson’s correlation factor, analysis of variance (ANOVA), independent T, Multivariate regression and etc. The results was: 1- Out Of each 52 managers and assistances of Nasooz Gostaran Co., 76% were extroverted and 23/7% were introverted and the same amount, 91% were stable and 8% were instable. 2- Human relation dimension with average of 41/3 and educational dimension with average of 9/03 have better effectiveness. 3- There is no relationship between personality feature extroversion-introversion of managers and their effectiveness. There is significant relation between personality feature stability-instability and mangers’ effectiveness which is that stable managers have better effectiveness. 5- There is significant relationship between extroversion personality feature and managers’ stability and their effectiveness. 6- Results demonstrated that there is a significant relationship between level of mangers’ educational degree and their effectiveness and work experience. 7- Results demonstrated that there is a significant relationship between mangers’ management experience and their effectiveness.

Key words: effectiveness, personality features, managers, performance.

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