3– Identifying Factors Influencing on Employee Satisfaction

Zohreh Abbasi*1, Rasool Sanavi Fard2 - 8916

International Journal of Scientific Management and Development, September 2017, Vol. 5, No. 9, pp: 429-436

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Given the fact that employee satisfaction plays a key role in improving performance of employees, this study is going to identify factors influencing on employee satisfaction. The current research from the point of view of the classification of the researches according to the way of collecting data can be considered among the descriptive-survey researches. Further, according to the research classification from the point of view of the purpose, this research is among applied researches. In design phase, at first we reviewed literature and for the validity of the research model, early questionnaire was designed and was given to the directors and banking managers, after applying their corrective comments, the final questionnaire was designed. Research statistical universe consisted of 200 employees of Maskan bank in Ahvaz city. Sampling method for Maskan Bank was cluster method. The collected data was analyzed using structural equations modeling (SEM). Findings show that variables of organizational view, reward, communication and participation have a positive impact on employee satisfaction.

Key words: Employee satisfaction, communication, participation, organizational view, Reward. 

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