2- The Effect of Environmental Accounting on Financial Indicators of Service Companies

Amin Badami1, Reza Hazbavi2, Bahram Davoodi*3 - 8861

International Journal of Scientific Management and Development, September 2017, Vol. 5, No. 9, pp: 424-428

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Nowadays, according to some environmental restrictions, particularly in the World Trade and intense competition, we all agree that business managers are under increasing pressure that not only they should reduce operational costs but also they should minimize the environmental effects of operational activities. This pressure is from groups such as shareholders, government, media, consumers, investors and other organizations. Companies to reduce the environmental effects of their operational activities, have no choice to enter environmental costs in their accounts and decisions. Pressure intensifies on natural systems and Earth Resources. The sad reality is that the economy continues to grow but the environment that the economy depends on it does not grow. The purpose of this study is to investigate the environmental accounting on the financial and operational indicators and to determine the position of accounting. In this study, T-Student test is used to confirm or reject the hypotheses. Friedman test is used to evaluate the effectiveness and effect of each factor. T-Paired test is used to compare the expected level with the actual level. The results indicate the effect of environmental accounting on the financial and operational indicators of companies and total debt of service companies.

Key Words: Environmental Accounting, Financial Indicators, Operational Indicators.

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